It is a great piece of style and comfort in form of furniture is what I felt after buying sofa sets from Tectona Grandis. My first reaction when I saw the furniture piece in person was wow. I really like the range as it is totally different than what is available in the market and selection for upholstery was vast which is rare to find for branded sofa sets.

The products quality is above my expected level.Not only its durable but it's  easy to maintain too which was my primary concern for buying a branded furniture .After using it I would highly recommend this brand.


I have been using Tectona Grandis Furniture since few years and least to say, they are the Best in this industry ! They design furniture as per individual's ergonomic requirement and hence it gives maximum comfort for user. Their service is also unmatched. I still remember, for a small tweak / change in my furniture, they went out of their way to satisfy my needs. If you really want comfort, uniqueness and longevity, Tectona Grandis is end of all your searches.


Dhruvkant from Tectona Grandis being a furniture designer from NID is able to cater furniture as per our  interior concepts. His sensitivity in details is above par and delivers precise quality and finish.

CHINTAL MEHTA - Interior Designer

Just like people, spaces have a character too. Needless to mention, it is an extension of the identity of the person that place belongs to. We are thankful to Tectona Grandis and Mr. Dhruvakant Amin for giving us a smart, practical yet a young vibe for our client's office.

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